sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011


And there you come, so pretty, so classy. I can imagine yours lips calling my name over and over again. Even when you're moody, you can make the hole world stops to admire your prettiness. Bones to flesh, you're someting that makes everyone wants a little more. Rainbows come to tears for you, alfa and omega of the universe jump of happiness because of you. How come someone so weak and tiny makes it to everything?

It must be a inside joke of some God, that makes everything that was called freak blossom into something gorgeous. Like lotus, you just came up showing that all the dirty in the world can't pollutes yours delicated skin. You're made of the most perfect code. In the infinite never again will ever live something better than you.

Oh my darling, stop from running to be someone Clementine and accept the love that you deserve. Nothing will hurt you, cuz you are stronger than you think. You're the star that shines, not the one that falls apart. You're unique.

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