sexta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2011

Oh my darling, now you can be afraid.

Once upon a time,
Everything was in the right place.
It was before you. Before your attitude conquers me.
Oh darling, look how much messy you left me.

The new me is like a hurricane, all because of you.
Can't you see what you did? Can't you take off what blinds you?
Oh my darling, come alive. You know what you did to me.
You're such a thief in this game.

All I wanna do you is make you lose your calm.
Let me play with your mind the way you did with mine.
I wanna make you wanna scream for help everytime you think about me.

Let the hurt and bruises teach you to not play with empty hearts.
Play with fire is more safe that with my messy mind.

One more thing, don't say before that I didn't tell you about it.
I will hurt, I will makes you fall-over-heels, and my hushed voice will sing you to sleep.
And even after all of it, finally I will make you cry calling you mommy, and when you do it, you will know that this is the price that you pay when you plays with the calm before the storm.

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