sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

I'm sorry for being so dumb.

Now I know the truth that I was trying to deny to myself: It was you, it's always been you. You're the one that could complete me and be my person, and I could've been yours most ardently loved one. But I was dumb, really dumb. So freaking dumb in letting you go before the start of our story.

I let a closed mind tell what to do, and what to feel about you. And my heart, oh my poor heart I shutted even before he tried to say hi to you. I was dumb, really dumb. That was my mistake, and now it's the most paintul thing that lives in the deepest place of my soul.

I try to scream how much I miss you in every single way, but all that comes out of my mouth is a humming that trys to call you, but it's so quiet and weird that it's hushed by the sound of the wind blowing through a empty room. But even after it I still have hopes, and think a lot about finding you in a random street in a random day, and then you randomly fall in love for me like the first time.

And before it I hope that I've has stop from being dumb, and then finally give you more than a quiet and intense look of love, so that way you could finally be the everything in my life.

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