terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

The starry night of one star & one lover.

Good morning sunshine.
No, goodnight moonlight.
Oh, wait, now you're a falling star.
Should I start to run looking for you now?
Please, wait for me, I need to find my jar of wishes.

I need to have you only for me.
The world could not see you, 'cuz he gonna try to change you.
He doesn't know how to love something the way it is.

The only way that he knows how to be kind, is putting flowers in your grave.

Shh. Don't scream it, it's bad, it's ugly.

"Give me some rose, and I gonna be yours forever."

I said: "Shh." Hush down, and be calm.
I know that it looks like it gonna last forever, but it's fake.

Please, don't leave me. Don't you remember that year?

Oh. It's looks like I'm the only one that remember of it.
It started with a cold summer, and ended in a hot & carnal winter.

No, now the sun is coming to find me.
I wasted all night trying to make you love me, but it's might be impossible.
So take all the feelings that you want from me. I don't need love anymore.

And please, send to me one invite to your funeral.
I will give you in your death a rose.
'Cuz by that way you gonna make my wish come true.

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