segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Seasons of a life.

   In these cold days I remember of you, and somehow it's warms me up like it was yours arms hugging me for the first time. But I miss your tongue more than yours arms around me, I miss your taste so much that it hurts me everytime I try to recreate your bittersweet flavor against my fragile tongue. I hate the way I miss you more than anything, and how you completed me in every single way, even in my crazyness.

   Never in my hole life I knew how was love like, but now I know, it's awful. It makes me want to go back time and space just to have you a little longer, or to make you smile one more time. Now all I have is a empty room, and a cup of tea with tears.

   Do you remember when everything was good and colorful? 'Cuz I remember every single second of that time, and how your handsome face dazzled me being my view from heaven. But now I'm just a blind child with blood instead of tears in the eyes, rubbing then and trying to love the phosphenes that reminds me of you.

   So the time passed by, and you get bored of me. You walked away, and silly the way I'm, I just left you go. The end came and we didn't even said goodbye. I still look at my hands were yours was placed, and bruise myself trying to recreate the warm of yours. Now I'm nobody, my heart's empty, and my fingertips are made of scars. My mind's locked in a early winter that looks that gonna last forever. There's no sunlight in my life, and the light of this twilight of mine isn't made of stars anymore.

   I'm sorry, but this is the end of everything. My wait finally has an end, with my Sun body and soul getting frozen. Now that I lost everything, I'm sendind all my love to you.

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