terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2012

Empty heart.

I wonder if anyone really loved me. Because I'm more than sure that I've never felted it. I never really cared in my life, never have anything more than a crush, and never tried to have a relationship. Life's so empty when you realize that all that you have's a selfish and jealousy look in your face when you see that the world around live in love.

I'm tired of waking up in the midle of night just to realize that I'm all alone.

Maybe I'm just like this stupid girls that likes to throw her lifes away. You know, that ones that never have something more with anyone, that just keep flirting until they realize that it don't make hers happy anymore.

I don't want something in my life, I want someone. I know that it's stupid and naive, but someday I wanna wake up and look someone in eyes and just know everything that I never knew before.

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